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Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

—Kurt Vonnegu

Ant and ladybugs are given a true Truman Show experience.

It’s a map. It’s our planet. It’s wonderful.

“The Known Universe zooms out from Tibet to the limits of the observable universe. Dim the lights, full-screen it in HD and you’re in for a treat.”

Stephen Fry, what a hero! He knows his bits and bobs. Even on the Catholic church.

Honeybadger is... well.... words can not express how we feel about him... Wow.

James Randy, the man who killed homeopathy? The skeptic that put 1 million dollar on the line, now takes on the battle to fight homeopathy.

Dutch article in De Groene HERE

Tested ourselves: URBAN MYTH

(Now we know what we thought we knew already:)


A MacD burger DOES decay!

Like everything else. And that sounds solid, because why else would there be a burger that does not go moldy but showercurtains do, even if they are treated with anti-mold?

We - the true journalist we are - bought a burger from Mac Donalds and kept it on the kitchencounter for infinity and not beyond.

It’s now 6 months old (*proud parents*) and still going moldy. One concern, since we have no idea at what speed normal burgers do decay, it was only after 4 weeks that it started to get a bit moldy... We have avoided the restaurant with the friendly clown ever since, just to be sure. Sure. 

Oh and did you know: a hamburger is the ONLY dish that’s eaten worldwide.

Burger line-up. Started November 8th. (And no, it did not magically grow. Thats the photo angle)

(Last picture is the result of the dog who found the burger, but did not dare to eat the meat in the end.)

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”

- Albert Einstein -

A Saguinus labiatus in the Zoo in Rhenen, with his pet monkey. Ahh.

Patience is the good old change. Darwin for president!

Arne Hendriks plees for downsizing (max length: 50 cm) aka The Incredible Shrinking Man. It’s a very logical and reasonable solution for overpopulation and the shortage of food worldwide.   A small step for mankind, but huge impact?

See, a Big Mac deconstructed looks exactly like the things we get on a plate in a Michelin-star restaurant.

You just need some imagination.

(Or the Mac D. burger + some kitchentools  + the secret ingredient: a TOP chef!)