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The art of Kurdish/Turkish artist Ahmet Ogüt simply rocks.

The art of       falling,

it’s a






(according to Leander Haaitsma)

Spot the man.

Liu Bolin: the invisible painter/photographer

On all of these pictures is Liu Bolin hidden. He’s a Chinese artist who really rocks bodypainting. Yes

ROCKS BODYPAINTING. We didn’t know either that that could be cool...but it is!

WHAT an interview!

WHAT an artist/provocateur/prankster/poet of our times that Maurizio Cattelan is.

Oi, Ai WeiWei is good!

“He who seeks beauty will find it”

- Bill Cunningham -

Dina Goldstein’s ‘Fallen Princesses’

A very short story made out of shadow & steel (or Photoshop)

Taxidermy headphones from idiots.nl

'Nimbus' is a new installation of Amsterdam-based artist Berndnaut Smilde, who refuses to explain how he managed to create a real cloud.

Meat in a can, can be confronting art.

(Dongwook Lee - L’horreur en miniature).

Henri Regnault’s ‘Three Graces’ with four graces in front of it.

Shadow art, oh how artsy nature can be.

A gallery with no sculptures, only a cloud floating within the space.

Horkheimer took this picture with a  Canon Powershot G1.

Adorno took this picture. He had time because he did not watch television.

If you like playing the piano/modern electronic music/Russian spies, read about Leon Theremin, the great inventorhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-17340257

Pricasso. Yes, that’s spelled correct. Watch this documentary by clicking on the image. (And yes, yes, he is just any ordinary guy who paints with his dick. Naked but with hat and bowtie.)

NYC library phoneboot shelfhttp://gracefulspoon.com/

Y...     M...    C...    A...

An intellectual barforama

(of books, see left, aduhh),

is almost better than the original barforama

(see ‘Problem Child II’, right).

It was about time somebody interviewed them

Alexander McQueen was channelling the sublime and our cultural anxieties. The runway as a vehicle to express complex cultural ideas. Check the video (8mins). Savage Beauty.

Problem Child II (spanish dubbed)

Work ‘Drift’ by

Ron Mueck:

the toymaker who turned artist

Here another fine example of a great interview: talking to yourself...

Back To The Future-Style        

He plans to stop with art but he has in the past 20 years not always been a man of his word. Phew!